From the Fanti Culture of West Africa the southwestern region of Ghana is the Fanti Doll.  A

doll that is believed to be able to enhance the chances of a woman becoming pregnant.


The dolls are named Akua’ba after a woman who was not able to get pregnant.   As the story goes, she went to a local priest to commission him to carve her a small wooden doll.


Akua, as the woman was named, carried the doll around with her feeding it and nurturing it as if it was a live baby.  Soon the people in the village began calling the doll “Akua ba” ba meaning Akua’s child because “ba” meant child.


Once a woman conceived, she would return the doll as a form of an offering.  In the sad event, that the child died, the woman would keep the doll as a memorial to her deceased child.


 So the ritual was born that Akua’s doll, a fertility doll could free a woman from the condition of being barren.


This doll and the Ashanti version can be found on the website:  Mother’s Divine Beauty.Biz.  Here is the link