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Moroccan Mud 4oz.

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Instantly improve skin tone and texture and draw impurities out of the skin.
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World famous spas have been trying to keep this Moroccan mud a secret for years, but now the secret is out! You can now own Moroccan mud for yourself and experience dramatic skin improvement. This rare mineral clay, mined deep within the mountains of North Africa, moisturizes skin while drawing out impurities for an instant skin makeover. Its unique mineral content displaces toxic build up within the skin, and instantly improves skin tone and texture. Muds vary in color.

Does not expire.

Moroccan mud gives you the chance to be creative! Mix the mud with milk, rose water, honey, regular water, or any other liquid, into a paste, the consistency of your liking. Spread across the body and face. Allow to dry. Wash off. Playing in the mud was never so much fun! M-360

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