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Organic Aloe Butter - 8 oz.

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Great for hair and skin. Helps to dry damaged skin, relieves itching, swelling, burns, string and scratches. Helps to heal rosecea and eczema. Kills fungus and bacteria.
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Benefits: Helps to heal rosecea, eczema, softens and heals dry skin. Relieves itching,, swelling, burns, bites and scratches.
100% Organic Aloe Butter
Let this soothing all-natural aloe butter heal you from head to toe. Can be applied to skin and hair as desired. Certified USDA Organic. Softens and heals dry damaged skin, relieves itching and swelling, relieves burns, bites, stings, and scratches.  Helps to heal rosecea and eczema.  Helps to kill fungus and bacteria.
 8 oz. M-P922

Shelf life up to 12 months

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